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What is an e-book?
We added this question as a few customers have sat waiting patiently for the Post Man to arrive. An e-book is an "electronic book" which means it is delivered electronically. In our case it is delivered as a pdf document which you simply print on your usual printer at home or in the office.

Should I download the pdf or the zip version?
The "zip" download contains the pdf. We added this option as the download is slightly smaller and allows you to see the download progress. In contrast when downloading the pdf we found users were getting a blank screen while the download was in progress. Some on slow connections were then closing their browsers assuming it had crashed.

How do I download my ebook?
After paying for your ebooks you will be presented with a download link on the order confirmation page. Simply click this link to proceed or right click with you mouse and choose save link as..

What happens if anything goes wrong at this point?
Your download link remains live for 5 days and allows 3 downloads. At any time during this period you can return to our site, login and follow the link to "My Account". Then it's simply a matter of viewing the relevant invoice and following the download link again. For security reasons you are limited to 3 downloads per product. If for any reason you need to increase this please contact us and we will reset your account. Please see the screenshots below for further help.

I've downloaded my ebook but I can't open it?
Firstly do you have Adobe Reader installed? If not follow this link and click "Get Adobe Reader" to download and install the free Adobe Reader. If this is not your problem and you find that your ebook file is corrupt you can download it again by following the instructions above. If you're still stuck please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you further.

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