Solid Fuel Agas – How to Service and Maintain - 1941 onwards


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Solid Fuel Agas – How to Service and Maintain - 1941 onwards

You have just bought your dream cottage and sitting in the kitchen is a GREAT big Aga, all cast iron, knobs and enamel. It thrills you but you have no idea how to work it, clean it or cook in it!

You’ll soon find cook books are easily obtainable, either on this site, Amazon or even the local Aga dealer but how do you operate it? A few phone calls reveal the facts that FEW PEOPLE know how it should be used, and even fewer want to do any work on it?


Aga stopped making the solid fuel versions over 10 years ago, no demand, and so the engineers who did have experience on them are slowly dying out or retiring!


This book is to help you do WHAT THEY USED TO DO
Simple servicing of the solid fuel Aga, from Standard Model to latest Deluxe.

  • Tools that you should have – and extra ones that are helpful.
  • What each part is called, so you can order parts confidently.
  • Cleaning tips.
  • Operation, fuel types and ash removal.
  • Photos of the different parts to explain how it all goes together.

This ebook isn’t about stripping or rebuilding the cooker – we have another on that subject listed on this site – but just using it to best advantage.

If you do manage to find a service engineer who will clean out your Aga he will need to spend time relighting the fire –itself a task that defeats many people! So a charge of £100 plus is normal – certainly in the South East.

So for only £6.95 you can download this 13 page ebook, in PDF format, and you won’t need to bother him!

In the unlikely event that all your questions are not answered in the excellent book the Author will be happy to help you further either via email or telephone and with no strings attached. See for further info and Barry’s contact details.

(You will need to use a chimney sweep so do find a good one- maybe via your coal merchant?)

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