Can you convert your Aga or Rayburn BACK to solid fuel?


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No solid fuel cookers to buy? Shall we buy one that was solid fuel and revert it back from OIL or GAS or LPG to coal / wood burning again?

Most of the Rayburns and Agas sold in the past 20 years have been OIL or GAS and the fashion for coal fired versions sort of died - with the rise of property prices who had time to stay at home and feed the fire?

So there is a LACK of nice modern solid fuel Rayburns and Agas out there to buy! Simple then, let's get one that WAS coal from new but got converted to oil or gas in the 80's/90's and then all will be well.

Will it?

This e book was written by me as I was tired of telling people the basics that they needed to know to get a suitable cooker and re-convert it SAFELY AND EFFICIENTLY back to burning its original fuel. So what does this book cover in its 21 pages?

  • Models that are covered - dry versions - hot water only versions - central heating version. Rayburn & Aga from 1933- 2008
  • Aga cooker conversions - 2 oven, 4 oven from gas / oil back to Smokeless Fuel
  • Rayburn cooker conversions - No1, 2, 3, Regent, Royal, MF Supreme, Nouvelle back to coal or wood.
  • Legal points to know
  • Is it a good idea?
  • Where you can buy the parts?
  • Advantages and DisadvantagesHidden problems - chimneys - welding - spare parts - building regs -smokeless zones
  • If converted what's it like to run my cooker then?
  • The future
  • Useful contacts

This isn't going to tell you HOW to run the cooker once back on solid fuel - that's another of our e-books which is for sale on this site. What it tells you is IF its a good idea and the models to buy or NOT TO BUY to convert BACK from oil or gas operation.

One FREE Tip though NO GAS OR OIL RAYBURN OR AGA - built for those fuels - CAN BE CONVERTED TO SOLID FUEL.

So read on - buy with confidence. Why?
28 years running solid fuel Rayburn and Aga cookers on coal and wood, oil and both gases.
Personal experience with all models from 50's-60's-70's-80's-90's and newer. Own cookers have been coal, oil, LPG and mains gas. I currently have an oil converted 2 oven GAS Aga converted to OIL with a Snugburner fitted.

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