How to Dismantle and Move an Aga


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Aga cookers - How to Dismantle and MOVE - Edition 2

Many thanks to Doug for this cartoon -

The usual 2 oven Aga has only 23 bolts and nuts to undo and it's then in bits. Yes the bits are heavy but nothing that 2 people can not lift! This e-book will tell you all you need to know. Rebuilding involves getting levels correct - if you can't use a level forget it BUT if you tackle jobs like wall building, car mechanics you should have no difficulty!

Save a Fortune, not employing an expert!
How to take to pieces without damage to it or yourself!
Tools vital to have!
Cookers Not to buy, recognition pictures!
Solid fuel- oil-gas-lpg models covered from 1941-now!
All models covered except electric!
Ways to save your back- and BREAKING the Aga!
Type of Vehicle required!
What to do to stop cast iron RUSTING!
Useful contact details for spares!


Removing an Aga can easily cost you £600 if an expert is employed. Yet for the cost of a Transit and a helper, plus tools most diy’ers have you can do it yourself!

This e-book will tell you all you need to know. Simply pay the single fee of £9.95 via our checkout process and the e-book will be available for immediate download. Once in your computer you may print it off as required. PDF file used - download the free Adobe Reader by following the link below.

Re-assemble instructions are NOT covered in this e book – that’s in the rebuild version also for sale in this store!


Back up telephone service if you have problems (unlikely!). Aga expert with 26 years experience is happy to pass on his “tricks of the trade”. More info? see


Electric Agas NOT covered - but I know a man who does these.

Additional Note! You should make sure that your OIL or GAS engineer is happy to "sign off" your cooker BEFORE you rebuild it, as its THEIR responsibility if its not right. For this reason talk to them first.

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