The Rayburn Cooker. Buying, Moving and Getting it Home


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The Rayburn Cooker. Buying, Moving n'Getting it Home

A Rayburn cooker - warmth, lashings of hot water, wonderful tasty cooking , a happy cat / dog / chef ! But a new one starts at £3350 -increasing 1st April- humm, a lot for something that may be another "kitchen fad". Why not buy a Rayburn on eBay - lots to see from a few hundred pounds.

But don't they weigh a ton?
How on earth would we get one home?
Which model, they have been made for 60 years! ? Fuel - Gas, lpg, oil or coal/ wood/peat? There are loads of different ones!
Do we need a chimney?
What do they cost to run?
Are they still "LEGAL" in these days of the NEW BUILDING REGS RE fuel efficiency installations?
Did u know that 2 common types of gas and lpg versions will become SCRAP soon as NO NEW PARTS CAN BE GOT!
What tools you need to use? (none cost more than a few pounds).
How to lift without breaking anything! How many people are needed (2), do they need to be Mr Universe (no) and how-to avoid damage to the seller's floor, and also yours!

Did you know that Pickfords won't touch a Rayburn? That most carriage firms will only collect and deliver on a pallet to the roadside? Not much use if it’s raining & you have never touched one before! The 400 series weigh 470 Kilos - that’s 1/2 ton! Even I think about moving them but where there's a will - and it’s all a question of technique.

This e book will tell you "how-to" get it, move it out of the house, without damaging their floor, breaking your back or bank balance, then into your van or trailer ( without breaking that either!) and then all you need to know about making sure it doesn't get damaged in the process.

It covers models from 1946 to present, actual examples from the author's website ( ) giving tips on which ones are good buys, and tells you about models that you cannot get literature on now, from the 40's to the 90's .They weigh from 4.5cwt upwards! Lots of photos and line drawings.

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