Operating the Solid Fuel Rayburn Cooker


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Operating the Solid Fuel Rayburn Cooker

This e-book covers all Rayburn models from 1946 to now. It’s primarily designed for those of you that have NO experience of solid fuel cookers and covers everything that I have learnt about them since 1979 when my wife first demanded a Rayburn!

It will save you a lot of sweat, swearing and tears plus assist you in BUYING a cooker, and will tell you how it will work best. I would like to compliment Aga – Rayburn on the superb products that they have produced for 60 years .However few Aga – Rayburn dealers have much experience in solid fuel now (no new S/F Agas made for 10 years!), and thus I thought it worthwhile to get some details into print so that they aren’t lost for ever!

  • Coal types – which is best for your range.
  • Wood – will it burn wood? What to use and what to avoid.
  • Lighting, Riddling and maintaining the Fire.
  • Cleaning the firebox, passages and flue - should be it be done monthly?
  • Oven temperature – control and tips.
  • Maintaining the cooker – firebox and flue.
  • What to avoid when installing.
  • Central heating & radiators – getting the best from your Rayburn .

It also lists the Firebreick and Grate parts that you will need to replace occasionally – and where to get them at discounted prices!

The following models are covered:-

  • Rayburn No 1, Old pattern and New pattern
  • Rayburn No 2 Old pattern & New Pattern
  • Rayburn No 3 Rayburn Regent , Rayburn Royal
  • Rayburn M.F, Rayburn Supreme, Rayburn Nouvell

This e-book will tell you all you need to know to operate your Rayburn and is indispensable to anyone who has never owned a solid fuel cooker. Simply complete our simple checkout process and your e-book will be available for immediate download. If you don't have Adobe Reader just follow the link at the bottom of this listing and download it free of charge.

Back up telephone service if you have problems (unlikely!). Aga expert with 26 years experience is happy to pass on his "tricks of the trade". More info? see www.tradcookers.com

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Simply complete our checkout process and your e-book will be available for immediate download. If you don't have Adobe Reader installed on your PC simply follow the free download link below.

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