How to Service your Aga or Rayburn with Vaporising Oil Burner


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You CAN Service your Oil fired Aga or Rayburn cooker!

This e-book will allow you to service your cooker, be it a conversion from Solid Fuel or Gas or a Factory built Oil fired version. Written in non-technical language by Aga / Rayburn expert Barry Charman of this e book covers the following:

  • Photos of models covered - you can confirm the age of yours!
  • Servicing your existing oil cooker, fitted with a vaporizing oil burner (the type lit with a match) including oil line and filters
  • Tools that you need, listing “trade tricks” to save you MORE MONEY!
  • How to make sure your cooker is SAFE - page 15
  • Problems that occur when cookers are badly installed – and how to overcome! 10 minutes of your time will establish if the problem is outside the cooker!
  • Why some cookers need frequent servicing – and others only once a year.
  • Electric head versions – and where to buy spares for a LOT LESS than main dealers!
  • Wicks – what they do and why you don’t need to change them often!
  • Sooty burner – what causes it and how to stop it happening?
  • Can your cooker be made more fuel efficient, with the same burner? Yes!

This e book has been written by popular demand! Too many people object to the service engineer coming in, cleaning the burner and drinking tea, then giving them a bill for ?100+. Many guys are thinking “why can’t I do that?” The answer is YES – in most cases – it’s not ROCKET SCIENCE!
Just 1 service saved will pay for this book 6 times over!

Models that this e book covers are:-
Aga model OC, OCB, OE, Don & Oilwarm burner oil converted from solid fuel, also gas to oil converted standard and deluxe model Aga 1941-2005, even the 47/10 from pre-war, oil from originally gas AGA’s model GC, GCB, GE.
Agathermic (originally oil or converted from solid fuel)
Rayburn OF7, 208K, G7 converted to oil,
Rayburn No1, 2, 3, Regent, Royal, MF, and Supreme fitted with the BM control valve and a cast iron burner with shells made by Don Heating or Oilwarm Ltd

The Rayburn OF22 with twin burners or a single burner conversion is covered but only in very basic detail. We do not intend adding any further information as these burners are a nightmare even for an experienced engineer. For this very reason we offer a burner conversion for this cooker. See our Snugburner on

Models NOT COVERED 368 Oil Rayburn Oil Nouvelle, fan assisted Rayburn Nouvelle DON conversion, any of the 400 Pressure JET twin burner units.

If in doubt please contact us prior to purchase to confirm whether your cooker is covered.

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