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How to re-assemble Aga cookers - An E book on How to!

Rebuilding Aga can easily cost you £800 if an expert is employed. Yet for the cost of a few spares and a helper, plus tools most diy’ers have you can do it yourself! This e-book will tell you all you need to know. Simply pay the single fee of £14.95 via our checkout process and your e-book will be available for immeadiate download. You may then OPEN or SAVE them for reading, printing etc. If you don't have Adobe Reader download it free of charge by following the link below.

Save a Fortune, not employing an expert! How to rebuild without damage to it or yourself! 29 pages of knowledge and photos 


  • Tools vital to have for Rebuilding!
  • Solid fuel - oil - gas - lpg models covered from 1941-now!
  • Ways to save your back- and BREAKING the Aga!
  • How to make the ovens as CLEAN AS NEW - plus re-colouring advice.
  • Useful contact details for second hand and new parts - less than main dealer cost!

 Aga Cookers – How to Re-assemble after a complete CHECK OVER

  • Examining the cooker parts prior to re-assembling – masses of Photos on what to check over
  • Site considerations inc floor area, support issues, chimney considerations, fuel and water pipe issues.
  • Oven accessibility. Size of room, heat output, wall construction, fire proofing.
  • Boiler in the cooker - to fit or not?
  • Extra materials required .Insulation types, packing, ceramic ropes.
  • Initial list of fittings. New parts usually required.
  • Models of cooker, including Special models, Balanced flue etc.
  • Where to get spares CHEAPER THAN AT A MAIN DEALER!



All models covered except ELECTRIC versions, and those with SQUARE LIDS. (Agathermic and Model F, D etc)

Re-assemble instructions DO NOT include Gas, lpg or Oil COMMISSIONING (i.e. fitting, setting up the burner) for legal reasons, as this should be left to a REGISTERED ENGINEER .


Back up telephone service if you have problems (unlikely!). Aga expert with 26 years experience is happy to pass on his “tricks of the trade”. More info? see 

Electric Agas NOT covered - but I know a man who does these.

Additional Note! You should make sure that your OIL or GAS engineer is happy to "sign off" your cooker BEFORE you rebuild it, as its THEIR responsibility if its not right. For this reason talk to them first.

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