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Do you own an Aga, Rayburn or Alpha Cooker? If you do own a Range Cooker probably know how to cook on it but probably not much else but it does not need to be this way.

Do you know what a service involves? Could you move your Rayburn? How do you get the best out of your Solid Fuel Rayburn? Even if none of these interest you wouldnít you like to know if the service youíve just paid for was done well and worth the money?

We have the answer to all of these questions. Barry Charman has been the MD of Tradcookers Ltd for over 27 years and during that time he has serviced, installed and reconditioned a lot of cookers. He has now put pen to paper and documented this wealth of knowledge and itís available for download now in the form of one of our easily understandable e-books. Should you be stuck on something that is not covered in one of the e-books Barry is always happy to answer emails. Our current list of titles covers the following:

  • Solid Fuel Agas Ė How to Service and Maintain - 1941 onwards
  • Operating the Solid Fuel Rayburn Cooker
  • The Rayburn Cooker. Buying, Moving and Getting it Home
  • How to Dismantle and Move an Aga
  • How to Reassemble your AGA cooker
  • The Nether Wallop Range - Aga Recipes by Sarah Whitaker
  • Twelve Days of Christmas - Aga Recipes by Sarah Whitaker
  • Alpha Installation and Technical Manual

Not sure of your Agas model. Is it a 47/10, Aga Standard, Aga pre 74 deluxe or an Aga post 74 deluxe? All is not lost as we now have a very handy guide online to assist you. Please see here for full descriptions with photographs.

If you are buying or moving your own Aga or Rayburn we are also able to assist you with spares at greatly discounted prices. See www.agafixspares.com for further information. If you donít find what you need there please email us as all our stock is not listed and we are also continually expanding the range of spares.

If you own an Alpha Cooker most spares are available at www.alphacookerspares.com. Our site is now the major source for supplies since Alpha Cookers (UK) Ltd. went into receivership and part of the company was purchased by the Aga Food Service Group. We also have copyright to the original Alpha User and Service Manual and it is available for download both at Alpha Cooker Spares and on this site.

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