What is an E-book?

An ebook is simply a document that can be read on a computer electronically (E-book -- Electronic book).

The beauty of ebooks is that they can be emailed or downloaded instantly instead of having to mail physical books or CDs. They can be produced and delivered cheaper, therefore can be sold cheaper too.

Our ebooks are converted to pdf documents. This makes them smaller (faster to travel across the Internet), and makes them readable by anyone after downloading the free pdf reader available from Adobe.

PDF has become a common format that just about anybody can read, regardless of their computer type or software. It is THE common format for people to be able to read documents from the Internet. Adobe's Acrobat Reader is the program that reads PDF (Postscript Document Format) documents. Think of it this way: it works very much the same way that Microsoft Word reads (opens) word processing documents.

Very few computers do not have Acrobat Reader already installed but if you donít we  include a link to download the free program from Adobe's web site.

You can print an ebook just like any other document once you get it, so you can have hard copy easily.

So thatís ebooks in a nutshell. When purchasing an ebook from our site the process is as follows:

Step 1 - Create and account, choose your ebook and then submit payment online.
Step 2 - Open or download your ebook online.
Step 3 - Read off-line or print a hardcopy to read anywhere.

If you have already purchased one of our ebooks and are looking for download assistance we have step by step instructions here but we are always also only an email or phone call way should you still be stuck.

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